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How to Pose Like a Model – 6 Tips for Beginners

Pose-Like-a-ModelToday we here at DenverModeling.net are going to offer you a few tips about how to pose like model when you’re at a photo shoot. It is very basic, it’s just six easy things to remember after you’ve completed your model search so you know what to do when you’re doing your first photo shoot or first couple of photo shoots. Read more

Retail Store Commercial Casting

Seeking the following for a commercial video shoot in a department-type store in the downtown Denver area. We will be shooting short scenes in various locations in the store. We are going for a documentary style and authentic tone (open to non-actors as well as professional actors). It is imperative that cast members either be regular customers to store or make sure to visit the store prior to the shoot. Overall tone of the shoot is enthusiastic, excited, and real. Scheduled shoot date is FRIDAY, August 23rd. It is possible this may change, but it’s looking pretty confirmed. Read more

Student Short Film Casting

Castings and auditions for a student short film being filmed int the Denver area.


Today isn’t just an ordinary day for Johnny, it’s his big chance to leave the city and kick his habit. There is a catch though, make one last deal for Black China the big Heroin dealer Uptown. He is brought into this situation by his smooth talking, ambiguous friend Skez. Unbeknownst to Skez, Johnny is gonna take his share of the profits and head to California to rehab, something Skez would not approve of. Everything goes smoothly until things suddenly change and all bets are off, Johnny is left wondering if he is going to make it another day until a little bit of luck falls into his lap.

Character Description:

Johnny: A young man mid 20’s who is influenced negatively by his friend and tweak buddy Skez, he is trying to overcome this and his heroin addiction. He is good at heart and trying to get straight. he has good intentions but things never seem to go his way.

Skez: A young man mid 20’s, A manipulative and controlling friend of Johnny’s. He is quite persuasive and always the one to score drugs for the group. He pressures Johnny into situations Johnny usually wouldn’t be involved in. Street smart, savvy but has lapses in judgement due to the control of drugs on him.

Black China: Male early 30’s, A powerful dealer looking to expand on his territory in the city. He means business, he is eager to take advantage of Skez contacts downtown, but he is no fool, he sees Skez for who he really is. The only person he trusts is his Bodyguard and Confidant Maurice.

Maurice: Male late 20’s, a large build, and an intimidating character. Black China is the “Brains” and He is the “Fists”. He is extremely loyal to his Boss. He rarely uses a gun and enjoys killing his victims with his bare hands.

Casting Date: July 25th Thursday from 3pm to 5pm.

If you are interested in auditioning for the student short film please submit your information along with a recent photo.

Short Film Casting

We are casting for a Columbia University graduate thesis short film.

Amma is a 70-year-old Indian woman visiting her daughter Rani and her family in America. In an effort to take the family’s mind off their hectic work lives, Amma decides to cook an authentic Indian feast.

We are casting for the following roles: Read more

Voice Over Talent Needed

We’re looking for a male voice over actor with a Southern accent for our animated web series. The character’s voice needs to be someone who can speak in a funny slightly Southern accent while making sarcastic jokes. Think Kenny Powers from Eastbound & Down but with a little more twang.

The voice is a funny redneck. But an actual character, not a caricature of what someone from the South sounds like. Voice needs to be genuine. Ideal candidate for role would be a person who was raised or has spent significant time in the South (Georgia, Texas, etc.) Read more

Swimwear Model Needed

LoveSurf is what’s new and what’s next in women’s outdoor fitness apparel. Our e commerce site is launching early June and will feature LoveSurf Activewear as well as all major brands including O’Neill 365, Roxy Outdoor Fitness, Koral Activewear, Indah, Alo Sport, among others and we are now holding auditions for Swimwear models. Everyone wants to live an active and healthy life and we think the best way to stay motivated comes from feeling good about how you look. That’s why our product selection is functional and fashionable, so whether you wear it to the beach, to work out, or just around town, you’ll always look great. We love fashion and we love fitness and we’re driven to make sure that our product selection ranges from technical workout wear to lifestyle pieces. Read more

Casting Extras

Casting extra roles for a short-film shooting in NYC May 18-20th.
All roles should be open to wearing a make-up mask
All roles paid and you will be getting plenty of exposure. Do not miss out your chance to audition for a movie extra roles. Currently casting for the following roles:

-Lead: African-American male late 20s/early 30s (light skinned). *needed for two days
-Boss: African-American male late 40s-60s, baldish, tall, average build, mustache “boss you’d love to hate” *needed for two days Read more

Commercial Casting Actress

This futuristic commercial showcases the usefulness of Azumio’s Argus app. With an emphasis on an advanced ­looking UI and the ability to log a great variety of activities, this spot delivers the powerful next­gen feeling users will experience and communicates the idea that no matter you go, Argus is with you.

Project Notes

A day in the future onboard a spaceship’ s living quarters.
From waking up, shower, having breakfast, checking messages to exercise and playing sports.
Argus is an upcoming app that features complete automated health and fitness management on iOS devices.  Read more

Game Show Castings

Gamily Game Night is back for another season and they are now searching for male and female contestants of all ages. Family Game Night takes a normal family game night to the next level with games such as Sorry!, BOP-IT! and CONNECT4, where families are challenged with strategy, creativity and pure luck. See if your family can take it to the TOP! The casting directors are now looking for contestants of all ages to audition for this game show. Do not miss out your chance to be on TV and win a grand prize apply now. Read more

Homeland TV Series Castings

Casting extras for season three of the Emmy Award winning Showtime TV series “Homeland,” starring Claire Danes, Damian Lewis and Mandy Patinkin. Project description: “Marine Sergeant Nicholas Brody returns home eight years after going missing in Iraq. Carrie Mathison, a driven CIA officer, suspects he might be plotting an attack on America.” Read more